F1 Study Visa USA


With the exception of certain visitors, all non-resident foreigners wishing to enter the US required visa has exceptionally increased around 9millions. With the world famous Ivy League universities topping its education system, the United States is certainly a leader when it comes to study in an American institution, could be a positive experience. The country has slowly opened its doors for various career opportunities to the international students in different fields of work. 

Also, the American education system manages the most exhaustive coursework to its students around the square with central hypothetical learning and viable experimentation. In the United States colleges or universities, students have access to an incredibly varied range of curricular and non-curricular options: i.e. substantial research colleges, private schools and state colleges. US education is certainly a complete one, both academically and vocationally, and thanks to strong government policy regarding curriculum and minimum achievements; it can guarantee this for all students.


Education In USA

A United State universities offer various types of degree programs that cater every student’s needs and interests. You can study at any of the following levels to earn the following degrees. United States are world-famous for their inter-college sports leagues and debating clubs and furthermore have an excellent accompanying academic reputation, thanks to the famous Ivy League Universities. Degrees typically last for 4years though Doctoral course such as (Law, Medicine, Dentistry, etc.) take longer, unlike in the UK, these degrees are not offered at undergraduate or graduate levels. Students wanting a professional degree have to undergo the streamline process of 3 years as an undergraduate, 4 year Bachelor degree, and only then can they go on to complete Masters and later a PhD (Doctoral Level) however it is usual for students to enter the working world at Bachelor level obtaining this degree in itself is considered academically prestigious. 


Schooling Visa

  • University level first stage
    Associate Degree (AA)
    Bachelor’s Degree (BS, BA)
    Post-bachelor’s Diploma/Certificate
  • University level second stage
     Master’s Degree (without thesis) (MS, MA, M.Eng.)
    Master’s Degree research (with thesis)(MS, MA, M.Eng.)
  • University level third stage 
    Doctorate (Ph.D.)

Eligibility Criteria

The general criteria to apply to universities in the USA are mentioned below:
English language proficiency: All applicants are required to take a recognized English language proficiency test.
For undergraduate courses, a minimum TOEFL score of 80 is required. For post-graduate courses, a minimum of 90 is required.
For undergraduate and post-graduate programs, a minimum IELT Score of 6.5 to 7 is required.

Standardized Tests Exams required are GMAT for management related subjects / GRE for science TOEFL/ IELTS exams opted for Arts or Vocational Courses.

Qualifying Criteria for Undergraduate
Grade Score in Intermediate and High school education. Mathematics in class XII as prerequisite(for some sciences and technology courses) Required IELTS / TOEFL/PTE Academic scores. Standardized Tests: SAT, CAT, GMAT, GRE, GATE Score. Extra-Curricular Activities.
Qualifying Criteria for Post-Graduate
Recognized Grade Score in Under Graduate Degree or anything you have done after 12 class or intermediate. Required GRE/GMAT IELTS / TOEFL for studying in USA. Work Experience


Yes, to attain a student visa in USA student needs to go through an embassy interview.

Yes, you can invite your spouse to USA

Yes, you can stay back in USA for limited period of time after the completion of your studies

yes you can work up to 20 hours in USA .