STUDY IN CANADA Advanced education, which is additionally called postsecondary education in Canada, is accessible in both government- supported and private institutions. Postsecondary education alludes to a wide range of formal education beyond secondary school, degree-granting education or not. These organizations offer degrees, diplomas, and certificate courses, contingent upon the length of the program and … Continue reading Canada Study Visa

STUDY IN USA With the exception of certain visitors, all non-resident foreigners wishing to enter the US required visa has exceptionally increased around 9millions. With the world famous Ivy League universities topping its education system, the United States is certainly a leader when it comes to study in an American institution, could be a positive … Continue reading USA Study Visa

STUDY IN UK United Kingdom is most commonly known as The Kingdom of Great Britain. England popularized to be with Shakespeare birthplace, Beatles –the capital home for London, and globally influential centre of finance and culture. The United Kingdom has a population with an estimated 65.1million people and is exceeding tremendously due to international student’s … Continue reading UK Study Visa

STUDY IN AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA is a diverse country amongst the most favored study abroad destinations among International students who wish to study in Australia, with Australian student visa, under Australian Immigration Law. The country pulls in a large number of students each year widely in view of the exceptionally student frameworks, professionally outstanding advices, laid-back … Continue reading Australia Study Visa

STUDY IN NEW ZEALAND New Zealand as appealing examination abroad goals for the worldwide students. With developing years New Zealand is turning into the main decision for International students searching for excellent abroad training through investigate thoughts that influence you to emerge with the group. These elements have made New Zealand among the leaders in … Continue reading New Zealand Study Visa

STUDY IN IRELAND The Irish Government invests over 782 millions annually in research in Ireland’s higher education institutions.The impact of this funding is that Ireland’s higher education institutions now lead the world in an increasingnumber of fields.  Ireland is the only English speaking country in the Euro zone and provides an ideal hubfor organizations seeking … Continue reading Ireland Study Visa


MovesEdu Immigration Pvt Ltd is your one stop shop for your customized Migration Solutions. We had made a deliberate foray into Study Visa consulting for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Europe, Singapore and Ireland. With a bouquet of comprehensive services & intensive knowledge that will assist you migrate to Overseas with study visa for a flourishing and promising future. With our proven track record of study visa filing services, we provide the most comprehensive study visa & Migration advice to all our clients. Using our expertise and vast experience we can identify the most suitable option for migrants.

At Moves, we consider it our professional responsibility to analyse and review each case very carefully before representing the client, thereby maintaining individuality and client confidence. We assure that once you meet our consulting professionals all your doubts and queries will take a back seat and you’ll just want to be proactive enough to complete the process at the earliest and take a flight to your dream country.

So if you are a student who want to study abroad MovesEdu  is the gateway to abroad for you.

Countries we provide study visa services in

MovesEdu is dealing in study visa since 2012 and we have a high number of satisfied study visa candidates. We at MovesEdu provide you study visa assistance for Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Singapore and Ireland. We make sure that your study abroad experience becomes best with us.

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Country Selection

How do you choose when there are different countries offering world-class education? 

How do you determine which country is right or wrong, given the fact that you may not about a country or its circumstances fully?

MovesEdu deals in study visa for all the countries We will provide you with unbiased information on all the countries that we provide services and steer you in the right direction 

To help you make the choice, we also provide detailed comparison of the countries, which will empower you to decide by yourself. Of course, MOVES’s guidance in choosing the right country will always be there for you, in relation to the choice of program, level and career opportunities.

Course Selection

When there are thousands of courses, with multiple specializations and unlimited options, it is difficult for a student to make the right choice. 

MovesEdu’s expertise will make all the difference for you in this aspect.

We have detailed and up to-date information on all the courses at all levels (Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters etc.) in all the countries. Our counselors will extensively review this information, make a careful selection and suggest you the right course, based on your preference, academic background and future plans. 

At MOVES, you are always on the right course!

University Selection

More than1900+ Universities and colleges in Canada  2000 +Universities in USA, 890+ Universities in Australia and 960+ in UK, not to mention about thousands of colleges all throughout. Mind boggling, isn’t it?

If you take just one field of study – for example Computer Science 

You will find more than 800 different universities offering this program in USA!! As a student, how will you choose the most appropriate university that is compatible with your academic profile.

The task becomes huge for an aspiring student. Not for MOVES’s counselors.

We have a complete database – updated continuously – of all the universities and programs. Our team members constantly research information on these universities and colleges to determine what is right for you. With such expert assistance, you cannot go wrong at MOVES, in choosing the right university for the right program, at your level of study. This is provided as part of our regular service.

SOP Assistance

Each university/Department has its own requirement for preparing a Statement of Purpose, which is otherwise known as Statement of Intent, College application essay or simply essay etc. 

This SOP is a crucial admission document which makes or breaks an application. 

If the SOP is good, universities may overlook a few minor deficiencies and make a positive decision. At the same time, nothing can help a student,  if the SOP is badly prepared, even if other aspects of the application are good enough.

When necessary, MOVES reviews the SOPs, evaluates the content, suggests changes and make them (the SOPs) most effective for applicants’ purpose.

Documents you require to start your study visa processing

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Years Of Experience

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The cost will totally depend upon the country which you have decide for study. It  also depends upon the course and the university.

The estimated budget you have, the language you speak and are you comfortable in learning a new language. Specific subjects you are interested in for your career.

You should at least start applying 6 months’prior your course start date.

It completely depends upon the country and university which you have applied to.  Some university may require the interview for the admission and some not.