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Croatia is an ideal spot for students wishing to concentrate on in a country prestigious for its lovely coast, for its blend of Mediterranean and South-Eastern European appeal and for its rich verifiable and social legacy.

Altogether, Croatia has 133 advanced education establishments situated in all pieces of the nation – remembering more than 40 for Croatia’s awesome Adriatic coast! Croatia’s biggest college is the University of Zagreb with over 75,000 selected students – making it the biggest college in the locale of South-Eastern Europe. Established in 1669, the University of Zagreb is additionally the most seasoned college in the locale.

Concentrate on amazing open doors are additionally accessible to imminent students who don’t speak Croatian. Numerous Croatian advanced education establishments are offering degree-projects or courses or summer schools for worldwide understudies showed in English. Some advanced education establishments additionally offer Croatian language courses as well. 

At last, notwithstanding being a nation of somewhat little size with an affectionate local area, the Croatian public are inviting as well in multi-lingual

Higher education in Croatia

Croatia has a twofold high level training system, suggesting that up and coming students can pick between two kinds of high level training studies:


College studies involving academic activities that are coordinated solely at universities and grant students to work in science and high level training, private and public regions, as well as in greater society. These examinations can be gone to in three cycles: undergrad, graduate, and postgraduate. In unambiguous cases, focus on students could organize undergrad and graduate examinations. 

Proficient examinations outfit students with the abilities fundamental for their nearby incorporation in the work market. They are given by schools, polytechnics, and colleges. Proficient examinations incorporate the short-cycle proficient undergrad program and undergrad and expert alumni proficient investigations


International students are permitted to work in Croatia while studying. They will be permitted to work only part-time. The only requirement is that the student be enrolled in a full-time higher education program in Croatia.

Yes, any non-EU/EFTA national who wishes to stay in Croatia for more than 90 days must apply for a Croatia long-stay visa. This includes foreigners who are not required to obtain a short-term visa.

Most of the Croatian Universities offer scholarship to international students.

A residence permit allows you to live in Croatia long term and may have a validity of one year or five years, depending on your basis for applying for residency