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Embassy Interview Preparation

Embassy Interview Preparation is not a cake walk action and at times it can be a most difficult task of the entire migration process. Most of the foreign consulates require the applicants to appear for interviews and facing the interviews may be a complex task.

Our considerably observed, lot of our applicants gets nervous to face the visa application interview. MovesEdu Immigration, leave no stones unturned in setting up our customers completely for the interview.

Our counselors prepare and brief you about the interview and the possible questions that may be put up during the process. They prepare you well ahead of time so that you can face the interview with confidence and positive approach.

There are times when people get nervous while facing interview and neglect to perform well. We prepare them to confront the meeting session with flawlessness approach and setting them up ideal from the scratch and instructor them about the body language and posture that should be kept during the interview.

We prepare the applicant with mock interviews by making a comparative feel that they may experience during the interview with the consulates. This builds the confidence and morale of the applicants and encourages them to perform with smoothness in their interviews.

Embassy Visa Interview stretches typically for 10-15 minutes so it is essential to set aside a few minutes since your career is at stake. We instruct our customers about how to introduce themselves as a genuine candidate in front of the interviewers.

Here are certain Do’s and Don’ts that should be followed during visa interview:


  • Arrive on schedule for the Embassy Interview.
  • Answer every inquiry pleasantly and honestly.
  • Follow the headings of the migration officer. Never refuse him.
  • Answer every inquiry briefly and unmistakably. Never expand on sidestepping question set forth.
  • In case you are not communicating in English, you can carry a mentor with you for US and UK offices and for different offices whether the translator is permitted to look at in the site.
  • Remain quiet and balanced during interview.
  • In case you are not able to understand a question just politely ask the officer to repeat or rephrase it
  • In case you don’t have the foggiest idea about the response to any inquiry, let it be known straight away instead of giving a fabricated answer.
  • It is prudent to take the assistance of experienced and master migration advisors who will assist you with the whole procedure of applying for visa.


  • Humor during interview is strictly prohibited.
  • Casual approach with interviewer can decline your application.
  • False approach with immigration authorities can lead you in criminal investigation.
  • Information decline under your authorization must be honestly posed to the officer.

MovesEdu Immigrations understand that visa interviews can be stressful and therefore our counsellor prepare you thoroughly by conducting mock interviews, providing guidance about body posture, dressing sense, give you a list of questions and their possible answers that might be put up during interview .

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