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Welcome to MovesEdu Immigration Pvt. Ltd.

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Become an Agent:

Agents can avail of our expertise and knowledge in lodging all categories of applications for a mere processing fee.

For student applications we are able to procure offer letters from various colleges/universities/private institutes of repute. We can also provide assistance in overturning previous declines to approvals.

We provide regular training to the staff of our agents to ensure seamless conversion of would be students to successful ones.

  1. Visa Processing
  2. Process and guidelines followed.
  3. Prerequisites
  4. Identify the issues.
  5. Easier to get a positive response
  6. Application to facilitate admission as well as visa
  7. Responding to Letters of Concern / Refusal Letters
  8. Taking on previously declined case
  9. Assistance in interview preparation for all kind of visas
  10. Accompanying the client for his/her interview with Immigration

With our experience, we get a previously declined application approved when it is lodged the second time taking into account new information and a new format / structure of the application.

We invite application from various individual, IELTS centre, existing computer training centers, computer institutes, Schools, Educationist to be our franchise partner.

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